Thoughts on the Last Resolved Conference

This is an odd week for me. I have a variety of emotions competing for the way I feel.

Friday through Monday will mark the final Resolved Conference. It has been a great run for past 7 years, a highlight of my year.

If you have been to a conference, you understand. Hearing thousands of voices singing to and about our Savior, hearing preachers and preaching that make time stand still and eternity seem so close, interactions with the best of friends and closest comrades in the gospel… These have been weekends that have been like the marks on a ruler in my life. I can measure my own growth and that of my wife and sons by the Resolved Conference.

This weekend will mark the culmination of the conference. It makes sense too. The theme is the church and we have made every effort to use these weekends to point people back to their local churches.

I have been asked dozens of times in recent days how I feel about this being the last conference. The answer is that I am both overjoyed and a bit wistful. The joy comes from the experiences that Resolved has given me. The sadness is that we are closing up shop. But the balancing of both of those is that the church will continue to do every day and every week what Resolved tried to do one weekend a year.

The question should not be, “Why can’t we continue the Resolved conference?” The question should be, “How can I participate in my local body better?” Our prayer is that these weekend offerings have served as catapults for involvement in the local church. Conferences come and go. But Jesus promised to build His church.

Yes, I’ll miss the conference. But that sadness can’t compare to the joy of being involved in my local church. I like Resolved. I love the church.

We hope to see you at the culmination of the Resolved Conference. But more than that, we hope you are involved in your church.

5 Comments on “Thoughts on the Last Resolved Conference

  1. Thank you Rick. I’ve actually never been to a resolved conference and won’t be able to this year either, but thank you for encouraging us to serve faithfully in our local church.

  2. While my grand-daughter was attending her first Resolved Conference, I called and asked, ”Are you having a good time?” Her excited reply was, “Grandma! Being surrounded by so many believers, all singing praises to our Savior. Songs, teaching, all focusing on Jesus and all done for God’s Glory! It has to be the next best thing to being in Heaven!”

    What encouragement Resolved was for her.

  3. Our family was able to attend the conference for the first time last year and we were greatly blessed. The conference reinforced the excellent teaching and worship we receive every week at our local church. We are looking forward to attending Resolved again this year. 🙂 We are thankful for your hard work and commitment and we pray that this year’s Resolved is a great blessing to you, your family and all who attend. 🙂

  4. Thank you for all your faithfulness in ministry Dr. Holland, I’m sure God has used you in many ways, and among them is to stir young men and women to resolve to follow Christ better.

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