Approaching Damascus

Monthly Archives: December 2011

After posting Justin Taylor’s helpful suggestions for Bible reading plans, I have been asked by multiple people what plan I am going to use in 2012. First, let me say that I have used multiple plans in the past. Some were helpful and fit the way I think/read better than others. And there were a few plans that were just too complicated for me to maintain. I have seen other people succeed… Read More

Much has been written and discussed about technology’s encroachment on our lives. I’ve been greatly aided by friends who have looked at this problem with a theological eye (Note Tim Challies book, The Next Story and Al Mohler’s many blogposts on the subject). Most agree that computers, tablets, smart phones, and social media are not going away. In fact, we can expect the avalanche to get bigger (Have you chosen your circles… Read More

Let me admit from the beginning that I am incurable Enfield fan. I know each of the members of this band and can personally attest to their spiritual maturity and love for Christ. I also had the privilege of working with them in ministry for many years and heard their musical gifts each week. So when I knew they were putting together a Christmas album, I had high hopes. Those hopes were… Read More