Time for Launch

This Sunday (July 31, 2011) will be one of the most important dates of my life. It will mark my first official sermon as the senior pastor of Mission Road Bible Church. Though I accepted the invitation of the church to serve them in this position several months ago, and have even been back to preach a few times since then, this Sunday is really sermon #1 as their shepherd.

The countdown to that 10:15AM service is like waiting on Christmas. I can’t wait to preach to the body Kim and I have already learned to love.

I have chosen to preach on a text that I think might be the most important in the Scriptures for defining the heart, desire, and measure of faithfulness for pastoral ministry. If you want to know what it is… see you Sunday. MRBC’s sermons can be found at our website http://www.missionroadbiblechurch.com/

Please pray for our church and me as we begin this relationship. I’m very excited to begin this chapter of ministry.

15 Comments on “Time for Launch

  1. I’m so excited for your family. I’m praying it will be the first of many fruitful days and years. Blessings friend.

  2. Rick, I’m so thankful for the opportunity the Lord has given your family. My in-laws live about 10+/- miles from Mission Road. I know where I’ll be attending next time we visit!

    Grace and Peace

  3. May there be many years of reciprocal blessings, Rick. You’re following a good man…and they’re receiving a good man. Nice. Blessings and Prayers.

  4. Yay! I was just starting to wonder about still being able to hear sermons from L.A. Just listened to the last one you gave from Crossroads this week. Rejoicing and anticipating with you! love this blog! keep sharing..

  5. Rick, I know that this church is excited about you coming. My friend Sarah is going to KC Community College and she is SO excited about being able to attend Mission Road while down there. There is also a general excitement in our college group here in Lincoln Ne, especially when we heard you had been offered the position. Praise the Lord for His never ending goodness to His people!

  6. May the Lord bless this new chapter in your ministry Rick. I had the privilege in sitting in one of your seminars back at 2006. I’ll never forget that message you had on the Lord’s Table. It was a blessing and convicted me on the significance and blessing of remembering our Savior through the taking of the elements.

  7. Dr Holland,
    Thanks you for taking some time out of your busy schedule today to talk about a very important issue to me and my church. God Bless you in your new minisrty!
    Kurt Heckmann
    Head Elder
    Vallejo Bible Church

  8. I will miss seeing/hearing you at the Shepherds’ Conference, but am truly excited to hear of this new ministry opportunity for you and your family. You probably don’t remember, but myself and several Elders had the privilege of meeting with you at a SC that was held in Dallas–around 1998, I think. We were going through some difficult times at our church in Oklahoma (Owasso) and you were so gracious to take time out of your very busy schedule to talk to us, offer advice and pray with us.

    Your relocation just may be a good enough excuse for my wife and I to plan a weekend getaway in KS!

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