Finished My First Book

Quick update.

On Saturday I finished the last chapter of my book Uneclipsing the Son. It’s being published by Kress Biblical Resources and will released in June. I will always be thankful to Rick Kress for publishing it and to Brian Thomasson for doing some hard editorial work. Patti Schott, my secretary, did the unenviable work of typing transcripts of the sermon series that was the foundation of this book.

Now comes the proofing and typesetting. I can see the end of this project and want to thank those of you who prayed for it and encouraged me to turn those sermons into written form.

It should be up on Amazon within the month and will be officially released at the Resolved Conference in June.

I am praying hard that it serves those who read it and makes Jesus more desirable and the Christian faith more defined. Christianity is Jesus. That’s the simple message of the book. I hope you will consider giving a read.

8 Comments on “Finished My First Book

  1. Hi Rick,
    I won’t be surprised if we start reading this one for flock 🙂 I have to look for it myself and read it too !!

  2. Hey Rick,
    Any chance the book will be available in Kindle format? Looking forward to it!

  3. hi rick, cant wait to read it. hope there are many more!!

  4. Congratulations to the finishing of your book ! Answered prayer. God is Good!!! Dennis and I continue to pray Jesus our Lord walks each step with your family in all that may arise during your journey here to your new home and as our Senior Pastor now, we are so excited for you to teach us the word. We are so thankful that you will continue to keep in touch with your church family, as we with you.
    Our Blessing to your family.

  5. Congratulations. Hope this book brings blessings to the people reading it.

  6. Looking forward for that Publication. I hope i will see you soon in German on the “Hirtenkonferenz” in Bonn.

  7. Dear Rick, what wonderful news. We are looking forward to reading it and are praying the book will be a blessing to all who read it.

    I am also glad to have my fly-fishing buddy back for the summer (no more book jobs Thomasson!)


    The Millers in Colorado

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