Heading to Kansas City!

After a long and involved process, I have come to a decision about the next chapter of life and ministry. This past weekend I accepted the invitation of Mission Road Bible Church in Kansas City, Kansas, to be their senior pastor.

Kim, our sons, and I are overwhelmed by God’s kindness and favor in this opportunity. MRBC is everything I ever desired in a church to shepherd, and so much more. The four days we spent with the church during my final candidating trip were confirming at every level that God has called me to this ministry. We will be transitioning to K.C. in July and have lots to do between now and then.

Throughout this process our church family at Grace Community Church, especially the Crossroads Ministry, has been so graciously supportive and helpful. Saying goodbye to them will be unspeakably difficult. The love and care I have received from them has marked our lives in every imaginable way. And the guidance provided by our elders has been indispensable. There will be much more I will say about leaving GCC in a later post.

Why Mission Road Bible Church? First, as I have come to know the elders there, their godliness, wisdom, unity, vision, and commitment is remarkable. Specifically their commitments to Scripture, the gospel, and the centrality of Christ in all aspects of life and ministry are compelling. Second, the people are so kind and winsome and it is clear that this is rooted in their commitment to the Truth and the Savior. Third, the opportunity for gospel impact in the area is strategic. The church’s location is in a densely populated section of Kansas City where there are few expository pulpits. Fourth, the previous senior pastor left the church in such good spiritual health that I wanted to have my family be a part of its ministry. And fifth, we enjoyed such an instant love from and for the church body that it was obvious God is doing something special.

As with most churches, the final decision for choosing the next pastor of MRBC rested in the hands of the congregation. On Sunday, April 3rd, they voted on me as their next senior pastor at a special congregational meeting. Our family sat at a nearby Starbucks during the meeting and waited for the call. The phone rang and I nervously answered. Mike Walje told me that the vote was 100% from the members to affirm me and that they were waiting at the church for us to come for a time of Q&A. When we walked into the church the Hollands received a reception that I will never forget.

Please pray for us as we make this transition over the coming months!

37 Comments on “Heading to Kansas City!

  1. Rick, so excited for you, your family and especially your new flock. You will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts.

  2. Rick and Kim – Jana and I rejoice with you in God’s provision. Having you close will be such a blessing! There is a neat story about all of this that sometime I’d like to tell you. Eager to rekindle with you!

  3. Rick, I was just wondering about this a couple of days ago. How wonderful for you and your family! God is so good and I know He will bless you and your ministry in Kansas City. (I believe our church {The Church @ Brook Hills, Birmngham,AL} may have a church plant there too. Will have to check on it.)
    Best Wishes in the Transition. I look forward to updates.
    In Christ,

  4. Lords Blessings on all aspects of your transition and new the family’s new home and ministry opportunity and commitments.

    PS: Lord willing and time available perhaps we can have one last “tea” at Pete’s prior to your move.


  5. Rick,

    Too many new’s in my post, but you hey new is good!


  6. Rick,

    That’s great news! I was thinking, just this past Sunday afternoon, ‘Rick said he’d probably be making an announcement in a few weeks. I wonder how it is going?” 🙂

    I pray that you will bless others and be blessed in return. Kansas City is a great town!


  7. Hi Pastor Rick

    Very excited for you! Praying all the way from South-Africa that the Lord will be glorified through the transition and new position. Many prayers for you as you get to know new sheep! God’s blessings!

  8. Rick,

    I rejoice with you in this further direction of God’s call on your life. I know the Lord will use you and you will be a blessing to them.

    (not to mention the white tails you plan to bless at your table)

    Grateful for God’s Sovereignty,

  9. Congratulations, Rick. Fantastic to have such strong acceptance from the congregation! Another bonus about Kansas City- Google picked it for their super-fast fiber optic network. That city will get alot of media buzz and probably population growth in the near future.

    May God bless and increase this ministry as he has done with you in the past.

  10. Praising God! Mrbc is dear to us & I can’t imagine a better fit!

  11. Welcome to Kansas Rick. I believe that the Lord is doing a wonderful work in this state. Also, allow me to invite you to climb on board the Jayhawk bandwagon.

  12. Let me add my voice to the “choir” (nice connect, eh?) to the many who have said and will say that you will be sorely missed at GCC, but are rejoicing with you at this new chapter of your ministry. God’s hand truly has been in this process, and it’s exciting to see how He has “orchestrated” (ha!) these events. Your support has been a precious part of our music ministry, and I will pray that your new flock will love and support you as much as you have us.

  13. I want you to know that when I read this post I cried. I never cry. They were tears of absolute REJOICING for you and your family. For God to have prepared this place for you to serve and to be invited and welcomed in with such fervor. They were also tears of sadness of course. The impact that you had as a pastor, in my life, was so tremendous that 8 years after leaving the college ministry and even rarely seeing you it still makes me sad that you are leaving.

    I will think of you every time my ring clinks on the fridge. I will think of the godly young men your boys have grown to be every time I wonder what will become of my own boys who might be running around the house with their pajamas half put on (sorry to say so Holland boys, but that happened!). And I will think of your precious wife when I think of the power and impact of a godly, loving, praying wife can have in the kingdom of Heaven.

    I recently heard this ( I just transcribed from the video but there was no credit given to the speaker) “The strategic impact of one woman living out this call [call to be a suitable helper] is almost immeasurable. There are women in history who have had tremendous impact and when you think of names like Wesley and Edwards and the like, you think about men who were powerful men of God but [there were] women who were suitable helpers to those men who kept a home who raised unbelievable children who made an investment that had an impact long beyond their individual lives. It’s almost incalculable, the impact that one woman can have. One woman within the context of her home…and invests in the life of the kingdom….”

    MRBC you have gained an amazing package deal!!!

  14. I am overwhelmed with joy for you and your family. Kansas City is a great place and I know you will be a great worker and shepherd for the Lord there :).

  15. The song writer got it right when he wrote, ‘God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform.’ It has been a joy to my wife and me to see how God led you and yours to Mission Road. There are times when we make decisions in faith, not always knowing the rational, but when we look back and see the tracks, we say with another song writer, “Jesus Led Me All the Way.”

    Ps 31:3 For you are my rock and my fortress; and for your name’s sake you lead me and guide me;


  16. Emotions well up as I read this both for the tremendous magnitude of the affirmation given by MRBC and for how very greatly you will be missed here at GCC. Sola Dei gloria!

  17. OK…after re-reading what I wrote I would like to clarify that I will always think of my husband when my ring clinks on something, but because Rick is the one who gave that lovely admonition at our wedding 🙂 I will never be a copy editor…

  18. Rejoicing in God’s will but sincerely will miss Rick and Kim living in California close by – Chris and Jean Mueller

  19. Rick, I am so thankful to God for His faithfulness to you and your faithfulness to us. I know the Lord will use you in a mighty way in KC for His glory. BUT you and your family will be sorely missed!!!Are you still going to be involved with resolved??? Hope so. God Bless You!

  20. Rick:

    Allow me to extend a warm welcome to Kansas City. So very, very pleased for your family and for the folks of MRBC. Our home church is Calvary Baptist of Lenexa, pastored by Brian Albert. You are correct, that there are few expository pulpits in Johnson County.

    Warmest wishes for a smooth transition and I hope you’ll pay a visit to Calvary Baptist while getting settled.

    Everyday Mommy

  21. Rick, Kim and family.
    Wow, it seems that God’s long range plans for you both are unfolding! I am filled with memories of you both; when I first met Kim in the college group when whe was new at Masters College; later meeting Rick when he was a seminarian on High School staff. I marvel at all that God has done inn your lives. Godspeed at your new church ministry. You will find soon enough that we are not separate churches, but that we are one great church body of Christ connected around the globe! Blessings to you!
    Eph 3:20

  22. Dear Rick:

    Will miss bumping into you whenever I visited GCC. I know God, our Emmanuel, will continue to bless you and your family as you serve Him in Kansas city.


  23. GCC’s loss is Kansas’s gain! The Lord be with you during your transition. You’ll only be 3 1/2 hours from us! We know where we’re going to church next time we’re in KC!
    cynthia <

  24. Hi Rick

    so excited for you and thrilled to think of what the Lord will do for you and through you there in Kansas. I sort of wish it could have been closer to London somehow… but I hope it won’t be too long before you come over this way again!

    In the meantime, our love and prayers for you, Kim and the family as you make the transition to a new chapter.

    In His lovely Name


  25. Rick,

    Praise the Lord! It will be good to have you guys here in the midwest. I’m praying for you and your family in the months to follow as you transition. I am so grateful for our faithful God.

    in Christ,

  26. Rick,
    We have been following this since a way back from Justin. Knowing how these things work, Sandi and I will be praying for a peaceful and joyful transition from Grace. I know that Justin is encouraged to have another TMS grad near by and will include you in his get togethers with the other men.
    As you know, we go way back. Not to Tennessee and that ugly orange, but, almost that far. God has done marvelous things in both of our lives. Sandi and I often think of the great times of ministry to the youth at GCC we had together. Both of our girls are the godly women they are in large part due to your teaching and ministry in their lives. We will miss you and your family. Also, your fill in teaching from the pulpit will be sorely missed. You always do an exemplary job of rightly dividing the Truth. In fact, in my opinion, you are one of the finest expositors that TMC has produced. I can think of none better.
    Truly Kansas City will never be the same once you start your teaching ministry there. I await the news of the impact of your ministry to the whole region. I guess if you are not coming to OC, Kansas City and its nearness to Justin is an okay choice. I often said to Sandi that if Rick were to locate in OC we would attend his church.

    We love you all and will pray for your new ministy.

    J & S

  27. We are thankful that in God’s providence you were in California to play a major part in three of our sons’ weddings, and to instruct five of our California-resident-children while at Grace Community Church. Our Heavenly Father runs His business well as He directs traffic in our lives. Blessings.

  28. Rick, Kim, Luke, John & Mark,

    Welcome to the Mission Road family!

  29. we just got home yesterday from visiting kc where the capranicas told us your news! we are excited for this opportunity for your family and to have you closer by…hope this means we’ll cross paths again one day! (jeff is currently pastoring a small church near st. louis and serving as a national guard chaplain.) enjoy some oklahoma joes bbq…we did!

  30. Rick! We will miss you, your family and your ministry at Grace. What a blessing you will be to Kansas City. When I first heard, I heard Oklahoma City, so I have been telling friends and family around Oklahoma City that you were coming! oops!! 🙂 It is beautiful to hear of the church’s response to you. I look forward to hearing what God is doing in your lives and the life of their church! I hope you will still have your sermons available by download! 🙂

  31. Congratulations Rick! Excited to see what God does through you and your family in Kansas City! Maybe I can come for a visit?

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