Approaching Damascus

Monthly Archives: April 2011

Things are beginning to wind down in my ministry here at Grace Community Church as I start the transition to become the senior pastor of Mission Road Bible Church in July. Between now and then there will some significant “last-time” moments. I had one of them early this morning. For the last 14 years I have met with a group of men on Tuesday mornings at 6 AM in the basement of… Read More

Quick update. On Saturday I finished the last chapter of my book Uneclipsing the Son. It’s being published by Kress Biblical Resources and will released in June. I will always be thankful to Rick Kress for publishing it and to Brian Thomasson for doing some hard editorial work. Patti Schott, my secretary, did the unenviable work of typing transcripts of the sermon series that was the foundation of this book. Now comes… Read More

After a long and involved process, I have come to a decision about the next chapter of life and ministry. This past weekend I accepted the invitation of Mission Road Bible Church in Kansas City, Kansas, to be their senior pastor. Kim, our sons, and I are overwhelmed by God’s kindness and favor in this opportunity. MRBC is everything I ever desired in a church to shepherd, and so much more. The… Read More