Book Update

Thank you to those who have been praying for the book I’m writing, Uneclipsing the Son. I have been deeply encouraged by those of you who keep asking me how it is coming.

Here is where we are…

I have been working with Brian Thomasson on the chapters. We currently have six of eleven chapters in pretty good shape. I was told early on to “trust your editor.” This has proven very good counsel. Brian is not only a good editor, his walk with Christ leaks into every sentence. I am blessed to work with him.

It looks like the book will be out in late May, just in time for the Resolved Conference. Going through this material is refreshing my love for Jesus. It’s not my own words, but the Scriptures that are working like a magnet between my soul and the Savior.

Thank you for those of you who have asked about the project. Please pray for me when you think about it.

4 Comments on “Book Update

  1. Thanks for this update. I am thrilled to learn of the progress with your book.

    May it be!

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