Approaching Damascus

Monthly Archives: January 2011

The older my sons get, the more weaknesses I see in my parenting. I can’t remember a day in the last decade I have not had to ask forgiveness from one or more of them. They are very gracious to extend forgiveness to their sin-infested Dad. On the positive side, I’m seeing some traction and progress in our discipleship. I was meeting with a group recently who were asking me what I… Read More

Thank you to those who have been praying for the book I’m writing, Uneclipsing the Son. I have been deeply encouraged by those of you who keep asking me how it is coming. Here is where we are… I have been working with Brian Thomasson on the chapters. We currently have six of eleven chapters in pretty good shape. I was told early on to “trust your editor.” This has proven very… Read More

Another flight, but this one became a classroom for my heart. I had just walked away from the check-in kiosk when I heard, “Hey Rick!” I turned to see a couple who own a small business here in Los Angeles. I have been in their store many times and struck up a friendship with them that has moved a step beyond acquaintance. “Where are you headed?” I asked. “To Minneapolis to see… Read More