Approaching Damascus

Monthly Archives: September 2010

I just read Phil Johnson’s post on Pyromanics about “cultural engagement” and it got me thinking. I agree in total with what Phil has written and want to take the argument a step farther (you should read his post before continuing). First, there is no such thing as culture in a monolithic sense. Every culture—now and throughout history—is made up of a countless number of subcultures. Just talk to any student in… Read More

WARNING: Shameless Self-Promotion Alert!!! FYI, I’m writing a book. I’ve thought about writing a book for a long time. There are several files in my desk with book ideas, even chapter outlines. But none of them ended up being my first (Wow, that is a word of faith!) solo project. The book is coming out of a series I have been preaching over the past few months. It has been one of… Read More