I am constantly humbled by the ministries I get to visit and with whom I can participate. Because of these privileges, flying has become a regular part of my life and ministry.

Air travel has changed a lot in the last decade. The tragedies of “9/11” made flying a different experience. I have fond memories of the old days when Kim and the boys would park in the lot and accompany me all the way to the gate. I still remember the affections as we waved goodbye until the last second of walking into the jet way. Now it’s a quick parting as they drop me off at the curb while the airport police try to shuffle them out of the unloading zone.

Then there are the lines. We should all be thankful for security, but somebody is going to make a lot of money if they figure out how to expedite this process.

Flying is increasingly becoming sterile, impersonal, and routine. All to say, a growing disdain for air travel has been festering in my cabinet of dissatisfaction. That is until recently.

A new love (ok, maybe that is too strong a word) for flying has visited my heart of late. I admit it—I kind of like it these days. No phone calls, WiFi on most flights, and most of all, nowhere to go but your seat—all this has actually made flying one of the most productive times I can find.

Then add the responses you get from what your reading, especially the Bible. The person in the seat next to you is a seat-belted captive for gospel conversations.

I often think of what my grandfather might think of life today. The commonplaceness of flying would certainly be a surprise to him. But so would the fact that it takes getting to 30,000 feet to get things done.

Oh yeah, I’m writing this on a flight…

5 Comments on “Flying

  1. Getting to the airport is never a fun experience, and the security shuffle is never fun. But the downtime I get to read and think has become one of my favorite parts of the routine! I’ve come to looking forward to the moment I get beyond security get my fresh cup of Starbucks and can chill until I arrive!

  2. I wholeheartedly second everything above. Flying in and out of DC is anything but routine anymore but once you’re on that plane…wow.

    I was with my boss a few weeks ago on a West Coast trip. We worked on his speech on the way out. But the return trip was what I was looking most forward to. I completed an entire message on Biblical Masculinity and listened to half of Alex Montoya’s sermon “A Dying Man to Dying Men” from the Shepherd’s Conference. I told Amy I was in heaven.

    Now, traveling with our 2 and 4 yr old children–that’s a whole nother matter!!!

  3. I have a new love for flying after flying for the first time at 25 to come out for Resolved. Now it seems I can’t wait until the next time I can fly (and am hopeful that it will be before the next Resolved). 🙂

    The service seemed very personal when one of my generous flying companions made sure that the flight crew knew it was a first time experience. They announced it to the entire plane 😉 From this point on I’m sure it will grow more and more impersonal. ha!

  4. I also find flying to be a very productive time. Whether it’s catching up on school work, reading the Bible, or delving into the blogosphere, I get a lot of work done each time I fly and always look forward to my next flight. And you’re right: opening up the Bible will often spark a question or comment from my seatmate.

    With all the flying you do, I hope you’re concentrating on one airline or alliance. First class upgrades, priority security and check-in lines, free checked bags, lounge access, and pre-boarding also make the flying experience much more enjoyable.

  5. This reminds me of the soldiers who were chained to Paul in prison and Paul preached the gospel to each one.

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