Vacation. The word makes you breathe deeper, slower, better. After a busy year and fast-paced summer, our family is taking a few days of vacation.

There is an art to vacationing that I have never mastered. Kim is a pro. She can easily relax, forget about normal responsibilities, play hard, and not be annoyed by how filthy the boys get. It takes me a few days to actually relax enough to enjoy the time away.

This year we have landed in Southern Colorado, high in the Rockies for a week. Thanks to the graciousness of some friends providing accommodations, we are enjoying some of the Creator’s most beautiful artwork. Fishing, 4-wheeling, hiking a “Fourteener” (14,000’ peak), spotting lots of critters, and watching Shark Week at night, we are already pulling together some great memories.

Each vacation has a unique personality. This year is no different. The place we are staying is deep in a valley and has no cell signal and we are limiting our access to the internet. It has taken a few days for me to adjust to the absence my electronic leashes. But something wonderfully strange has been happening in our car, at our meals, and even during the episodes of Shark Week. The competition is gone. I am slowly losing that feeling that someone is tapping me on the shoulder by pinging me in an email, Facebook, Twitter, or a phone call. Not that those things are bad, but that they can be interruptions to the relationships that matter most.

The result is some really good time with Kim and the boys. As much as I am in awe of the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, I am more so that I have been blessed with such a wonderful wife and three really cool boys.

Next week it’s back to “normal” (whatever that is). I am looking forward to jumping into the rhythm of ministry. But until then, I’m enjoying the view.

One Comment on “Vacation

  1. Sounds like what I need! The abscense of Internet and electronic shoulder tapping for awhile! Enjoy!

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