Approaching Damascus

Monthly Archives: August 2010

I am constantly humbled by the ministries I get to visit and with whom I can participate. Because of these privileges, flying has become a regular part of my life and ministry. Air travel has changed a lot in the last decade. The tragedies of “9/11” made flying a different experience. I have fond memories of the old days when Kim and the boys would park in the lot and accompany me… Read More

While studying this week for my sermon I was once again moved by the unity of the message of the Bible. How could Isaiah and Hosea’s understanding of idolatry be identical to the Apostle Paul’s? Considering the uniqueness of their contexts and the distance from one another, there should be little chance their theological worldviews would match. However, their assessments and warnings sound like they’ve been reading each other’s mail. This got… Read More

Here are Kim’s thoughts and perspective on Luke’s ATV crash. As usual, she provides better details and a further biblical orientation. She was going to post this on her Facebook account, but after reading it I asked her to let me post it here (and there)… Of course Rick’s thoughts reflect my heart as well. These are just some additional details and thoughts that took place from my perspective. First of all,… Read More

Our family has spent the last week in a cabin in the Rockies of Southwest Colorado. Lots of special memories created from some much needed family time. But none more special than this one. Luke, our 14-year-old, came close to death and God spared him with obvious supernatural providence. We were taking ATVs up a mountain road when Luke hit a rut and lost control. He plunged off the side of the… Read More

Vacation. The word makes you breathe deeper, slower, better. After a busy year and fast-paced summer, our family is taking a few days of vacation. There is an art to vacationing that I have never mastered. Kim is a pro. She can easily relax, forget about normal responsibilities, play hard, and not be annoyed by how filthy the boys get. It takes me a few days to actually relax enough to enjoy… Read More