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Approaching Damascus: Where the gospel changes everything


I have been hesitant to begin a blog for long time and for a lot for a lot of reasons.

I am not confident that I have much worthwhile to add to a blogosphere already filled to the brim with information and opinions. There are a lot of good weblogs and I try to check in on them as often as possible. I do read blogs, but I tend to read them when someone recommends posts that have a “Wow!” factor or if the RSS feeds catch my attention. I mostly watch for reactions to blogs by those I trust. Most of those recommendations pop up on someone’s Twitter feed.

So why add my voice to the internet chorus? It is not about making statements; it is about writing myself clear. I got that phrase from Dr. Albert Mohler who once told me that he “writes to think himself clear.” I like that. Writing something that someone is going to read and react to forces a dimension of clarity that is purifying. My desire is to use this space to think better, communicate more clearly, bring glory to God, and become more like Jesus.

Why the name, “Approaching Damascus”?

Because just outside Damascus (Acts 9:3) Saul was converted. The Apostle Paul met the living Savior, Jesus Christ, on that Syrian road. As he was “approaching Damascus,” everything changed.

His life was intercepted.
His perspective was reversed.
His eyes were opened.
His passion was redirected.
His worldview changed.
His soul was converted.
His mission was clarified.

Paul’s approaching Damascus is a rallying point. It symbolizes for me a place where the gospel of Jesus Christ changes everything. So I want to use this blog as a simple way of communicating (primarily) to our Crossroads family some things that are important to me as I watch Jesus Christ come to bear on everything in our ministry and in my own life. I hope that it will be an extension of my pastoral care to the flock I love here at Grace Community Church.

19 Comments on “Another Blog…

  1. Rick, welcome to the blog world. I’ve been writing for about four years and I’m pretty sure that within three posts you will exceed the depth of my entire blogolife…

  2. I haven’t heard Mohler’s phrase you mentioned but it makes perfect sense and I get that same benefit from writing out thoughts. Anyway, looking forward to reading your blog.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere. I don’t read many if at all. I feel honored to have caught you on your “opening day”. Great job on Sunday night I enjoyed the baseball theme. Rich blessings on your blog and the people you will connect with.

  4. Excited to follow your blog, Rick! Thank you for shepherding us Crossroaders so faithfully!

  5. I am a long time Hollandite (and former student) and look forward to your thoughts Rick.

  6. Greetings from Mexico!
    I’ts always a blessing to hear you preach…
    I’m very excited about your blog.

  7. Thanks, Rick, for doing this!

    As a friend who lives too far to schedule appointments with you, this is the next best thing.

  8. Excited tp see what the Lord has in store for us thru this writing. thanks rick

  9. Excited to see what the Lord has in store for us through this writing. thanks rick

  10. Welcome and I am so happy that you are blogging! I can’t wait to read your posts!! 🙂

  11. Thank you Rick for all your labors! The thought that you would add one more task to the busiest plate i know is humbling, and we are thankful. Janet and I look forward to reading!

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