Approaching Damascus

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The Internet is a smorgasbord of information on almost anything. Cable news allows instant access to information about what’s happening everywhere in the world. And go to the magazine rack at Barnes and Noble; you can get information on just about any subject imaginable. That we live in an information age is self-evident. But living in this chapter of history has a major liability. One of the subtlest misconceptions of postmodernity is… Read More

There should be nothing more interesting to a Christian than Jesus. Jesus is the most excellent subject to study, the most precious thought to contemplate, and the most satisfying object for the soul’s affections. I recently began reading Isaac Ambrose’s book, Looking Unto Jesus. I remain amazed by how Puritans like him wrote. These men wasted no words. Every sentence is rich theological dark chocolate. Ambrose work is serving my soul as… Read More

Approaching Damascus: Where the gospel changes everything   I have been hesitant to begin a blog for long time and for a lot for a lot of reasons. I am not confident that I have much worthwhile to add to a blogosphere already filled to the brim with information and opinions. There are a lot of good weblogs and I try to check in on them as often as possible. I do… Read More